Archives for November 2010

Date Balls

     When I was a little girl, my mom and I used to bake date-filled cookies at Christmas time.  It was an old recipe that my great Aunt Clara brought over from England. What I remember most about those cookies was not the batter part, but of course the filling! I was thrilled to […]

Oreo Truffles

     If you have ever done a search for Oreo recipes online, chances are you have run across pages for “oreo balls” or “oreo truffles.” I have had this recipe in mind for over a year, but haven’t gotten to it because I am always so busy making oreo fudge. Alas, I tried the […]

Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

My family is not a huge fan of pumpkin pie. Each person usually eats one piece and then half a pie gets thrown out. But what is Thanksgiving without featuring pumpkin in dessert? This year I opted to make a pumpkin cake to go along with our usual pecan and coconut cream pies. The cake […]

Ricotta Cheese Cookies

    About one month ago I made homemade lasagna and had half of a container of ricotta cheese leftover. I wasn’t quite sure what I should do with it, but I certainly did not want to have to throw it out. In the past I have made white pizza and stuffed shells with ricotta. Not […]

Blueberry Bread

My mom has four blueberry bushes in her yard, and every summer she is inundated with the sweet blue fruit. Each year we pick at least 20 quarts, most of which get frozen or given away to friends and family. The only conundrum we have with this excess of blueberries is what to bake with […]

White Chip Peanut Brittle

     Just hearing the word “peanut brittle” can send shivers down the spine of cooks who fear candy thermometers.  Well, I have good news: you don’t need one for this recipe! It is all done in the microwave, and it still turns out fantastic. What makes this recipe awesome to me is not just […]

Sunday Meatloaf

Even though this blog is primarily for desserts, I thought I would post a wonderful meatloaf recipe. My mom has been making her meatloaf since I was a little kid, and I have carried on the tradition by baking it for my husband. I have tried other meatloaf recipes but always come back to this […]

Oreo Fudge

Although I am quite fond of cookies, cake, bars, and candy, the type of treat I bake most often is actually fudge. My husband is a middle school math teacher, and once a week I make a double batch of fudge equating to six hefty pounds of pure goodness. He uses the fudge as an […]

Pumpkin White Chocolate Bars

With Thanksgiving less than one week away, I have had pumpkin on the brain. Have you ever done a search for pumpkin recipes on the internet? It’s amazing how many come up on a search engine. There are pumpkin pies, pumpkin cakes, pumpkin soups, pumpkin cookies, even pumpkin fudge. I decided to try a recipe […]

White Chocolate Brownies

I have to admit, I LOVE white chocolate. In my opinion, dark chocolate is okay, milk chocolate is good, but white chocolate is divine. I am creating this blog to share with you my baking experiences. Many of these trials will incorporate…you guessed it–white chocolate! Of course, not everything I bake has white chocolate in […]