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My Mom’s Pudding Chip Cookies

Pudding Chip Cookies      My mom has been making her pudding chip cookies since the 1970’s. She has baked at least two  batches a week for almost forty years…Since I majored in math in college, I was always interested in how many cookies she has made over the decades. I calculated this to be […]

Oreo Tunnel Cake

Oreo Tunnel Cake      This past weekend I had two cravings. One was for Oreos and the other was for cake. I have made cookies and cream cakes in the past that use Oreo crumbs, but was looking for more of a cookie bite. I found a recipe from Marcy Goldman and decided to […]

Chocolate Walnut Fudge

Chocolate Walnut Fudge      This chocolate walnut fudge is the first type of fudge I ever made. Every Christmas my mom and I would make batch after batch for family and friends. We originally got the recipe off the Kraft marshmallow creme jar. Back then, it called for margarine and a 9″x13″ pan. Nowadays […]

White Chocolate Halloween Gorp

White Chocolate Gorp      Some people call it gorp, some call it white trash, some even call it candy crack…Whatever you call it, two things are for sure: it is deliciously addictive and VERY easy to make.      All you need to make Gorp are some white chocolate wafers and add-ins. I chose pretzels, […]

Almond Squares

Almond Squares      Almond squares are my go-to recipe. If I have unexpected company coming or just feel like a quick treat, I bake these. Next to chocolate chip cookies, I have made these more than any other recipe in my collection. Although they may remind one of a lemon bar, they have a […]

Chocolate Covered Cherries

Chocolate Covered Cherries      When I was a child, one of the presents my mom always gave my grandfather for Christmas was a box of chocolate covered cherries. He looked forward to them every year and was always willing to share a couple with his grandkids.      I realized on New Year’s day […]