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Giant Triple White Chocolate Double Vanilla Pudding Cookies

Giant Triple White Chocolate Vanilla Bean Cookies      This cookie is definitely on my top 5 favorite cookie list. I have made this recipe with several different sizes of scoops…1 tablespoon, 3 tablespoon, and 1/4 cup. Generally, the smaller your cookie the crispier it will be. Personally, I love a cookie that is a […]

White Chocolate Banana Cream Date Oatmeal Pudding Cookies

White Chocolate Banana Cream Date Oatmeal Cookies        Several days ago I was baking cookies using instant banana cream pudding mix. I asked my husband what he would like for add-ins, but he couldn’t quite decide on one in particular. Therefore, this cookie has a myriad of flavors that somehow all fit together […]

Crispy Salted Peanut Butter Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Peanut Butter Chip Crispy Salted Oatmeal Cookies      Here is a variation I did of the crispy salted oat cookies. I kept the recipe exactly the same except for adding in a bag of Reese’s peanut butter chips. The oatmeal and peanut butter complimented each other very well, and I got rave reviews on these […]

Triple Vanilla Oatmeal Pudding Cookies

Triple Vanilla Oatmeal Cookies        I must be on an oatmeal cookie kick lately…because here comes another good recipe from the category. Unlike my crispy salted oat cookies, these babies are soft and fluffy. Using all brown sugar gives them a sweet, almost caramel flavor. Add this to the three kinds of vanilla in […]

Crispy Salted Oat Cookies

Crispy Salted Oat Cookies      This recipe comes from the America’s Test Kitchen Family Baking Book. It is the basis of the recipe that Smitten Kitchen modified for her Crispy Salted White Chocolate Chip Cookies. I followed the recipe exactly, and did not add any white chocolate chips to the recipe.      I […]

Crispy Salted White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

Crispy Salted White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies      I first saw the recipe for Crispy Salted White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies on Smitten Kitchen about one year ago. It took me a long time to finally test the recipe out; my only regret is that I did not try it sooner! Smitten Kitchen puts this recipe as […]

Orange Frosted Blueberry Cake

Orange Frosted Blueberry Cake      Orange frosted blueberry cake is one of my all-time favorite desserts. I make it during the winter months with frozen blueberries and in the summer with fresh ones. This cake is on the denser side but extremely moist. Besides a pretty blue hue, the blueberries add a smooth and […]

White Chocolate Strawberry Creme Pudding Cookies

White Chocolate Strawberry Creme Cookies      Mmmmm….strawberries! I just love them this time of year, and pondered for several days how I might incorporate them into a cookie. I finally decided to use a package of jello instant strawberry creme pudding mix. Add some red food coloring and white chocolate chips, and you have […]