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Rotini Broccoli Alfredo

Ever wondered what to do with leftover half and half in your fridge? I had a whole pint sitting in the chiller, remnants from a soup that I had previouslymade. The carton had a recipe for alfredo on it, which I adapted by using parmesan and romano blend cheese and steamfresh broccoli. This was a […]

GIANT Sprinkles Sugar Cookies (for 2 people)

This recipe has been adapted from Sally’s Baking Addiction, although she calls them XXL Soft Sugar Cookies. Basically, I doubled Sally’s recipe and used light brown sugar instead of granulated sugar. I also tossed in some almond extract to accent the vanilla. These cookies were very simple and straight-forward to make. Mine turned out a […]

Perfect Bacon

I am not a bacon fan, but my husband Jeff enjoys it any chance he gets. In the past, I would cook his bacon in the microwave with a Makin Bacon tool. The tool works great if you want your bacon done in a flash and aren’t concerned if every piece is cooked exactly the […]

M&M Blanketed Brownies

    I call these brownies “M&M Blanketed” because the entire top  is covered completely by miniature M&M’s.  They are richly chocolatey, but not overly-so.  There is no need to frost this recipe because the M&M’s blanket the whole top anyway.  Easy to prepare, you only need a medium saucepan to stir everything together in. […]

Patriotic Pretzel Snaps

Patriotic Pretzel Snaps   Print Prep time 25 mins Cook time 2 mins Total time 27 mins   Serves: 8 Ingredients 1 (1 lb.) bag butter snap pretzels 1 (8 oz.) bag white chocolate wafers 1 small jar red, white, and blue sprinkles Instructions Empty the bag of pretzels into a large bowl. Set aside. […]

Evaporated Milk Layer Cake (Patriotic)

I had a small family get-together at my house for July 4th this year. The one thing I really looked forward to in the food preparation was trying out the recipe for “the best vanilla cake” by Rock Recipes. I altered the recipe slightly, using salted butter and a completely different frosting. The showstopper of […]

Kielbasa Pizza Pasta Bake

This casserole is one of my husband’s new favorite meals. Different from the traditional pizza pasta bake, this one has sauteed kielbasa sausage and onions inside. It is fairly simple to throw together, and gives you plenty of servings. I always end up freezing about half of the batch, and it always reheats nicely. This […]

Cookie-Cutter Cheese Crackers

        My daughter and I had a lot of fun making these cookie cutter cheese crackers. They a healthy snack for toddlers and a delight to the adult tongue as well. You can make these crackers as thin or as thick as you like; just remember that the thinner ones will take several less minutes […]

Watermelon Lime Granita

          This watermelon lime granita is the perfect side dish (or light dessert) for a fourth of July party. It is ice cold, sweet, with just the right amount of tang from the lime juice. Watermelon Lime Granita   Print Prep time 3 hours 15 mins Total time 3 hours 15 mins   Serves: 8-12 […]