Archives for September 2014

French Toast (Robert Irvine recipe)

  Last Sunday after church, my husband asked for French toast for lunch. The last time I made French toast for him, we were newly married and he was not too thrilled with my method. (Whisk a few eggs in a casserole dish, along with a lot of milk and a dash of vanilla. Soak […]

Painted Paper Butterfly

As part of our homeschooling journey, my five year old daughter takes part in art projects throughout the week. My husband and I bought her a Melissa & Doug easel for her birthday, and it has been perfect for painted paper projects. So what is painted paper? The name is just what it sounds like. […]

“Frozen” Spiral Sugar Cookies

My daughter is like 98% of other children out there who are in love with anything “Frozen.” These cookies were actually her idea. She started by handing me her Mommy and Me cookbook, pointing out the recipe for spiral cookies. She then proceeded to ask me at least a dozen times to “pretty, pretty please” […]

Marascino Cherry Layer Cake (II)

Last April I made a delicious marascino cherry layer cake for Easter. My daughter and I had a lot of fun decorating it, and we were excited to make another one this past Easter. Like last year, we used Wilton candy melts to beautify our creation. This time we poured melted purple and pink white […]