Recipe to Make Your Child a Better Reader

I have a very important recipe to share with you today, probably the most important one I have and ever will share with you. There are only seven simple ingredients and seven easy steps. The benefits last a lifetime. You can “chew” on the result but it is not food. Have I piqued your interest yet?
Before I get to my most important recipe, I wanted to take the time to share with you a new adventure in my life. I recently became an independent consultant for Usborne Books & More. As a former elementary teacher and currently a homeschooling SAHM, this company is the perfect fit for my family and life style.
Have you seen my new banners on this web page? They link you directly to my personal Usborne Books & More site, .
So what makes Usborne Books & More so special? I could give you dozens of reasons, but for time’s sake I’ll try to sum up the most important ones to me:
1. KIDS LOVE USBORNE BOOKS.  I’ve been reading them to both of my children since infancy. My daughter actually looks for the Usborne label when she is deciding on what book to read.
2. Our books are HIGH QUALITY and INEXPENSIVE.
3. We offer OVER 2,000 TITLES for ages baby up through high school.
4. We offer an AMAZING ASSORTMENT of quality children’s literature and activities. Our titles include: phonics readers, board books, lift-the-flap books, chapter books, sticker books, coloring books, flash cards, math & science kits, foreign languages, Bible stories, learning games, encyclopedias….the list goes on!
5. Usborne Books & More is PASSIONATE ABOUT LITERACY.  Just read our mission statement:
“The future of our world depends on the education of our children.  We deliver educational excellence one book at a time.  We provide economic opportunity while fostering strong family values.  We touch the lives of children for a lifetime.”
        Now that I have given you some background information, I’m ready to share with you the most incredible recipe ever to appear on my food blog. There are seven ingredients and seven easy steps that make all the difference.

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