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As many of you know, I am a school teacher turned homeschooling mom of two. During the week, you will often find me with my children at the dining room table hard at work. My daughter is six years old and loves to include her little brother in our learning opportunities. My son, although young, always asks for his own worksheets to trace and color. Recently, I began reinforcing number concepts with him. He may be under two years old, but he is able to count to ten and is already exhibiting signs of one to one correspondence.

I would like to share with you the worksheets I created to help teach my son numbers one through ten. There are ten pages, and are meant to be used in a sequential manner. Day one starts with one car and a dotted number one for the child to trace. Day two has two cars and so on until day ten is reached. I suggest counting out loud the cars together, and again saying each number out loud in order as you trace it. The cars can then be colored after the numbers are taught/reinforced.

I have left room on the bottom of each page for the child’s name. (I traced out my son’s name in my word processor, but removed it so you can add your own child’s name). As you help your child write his name, make sure you clearly dictate each letter and its sound to reinforce those concepts as well!

I hope you enjoy this free download!

Count to 10 with Cars 1

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