So What if My Daughter’s Best Friend is Her Little Brother?

       It’s a unique kind of bond that I never witnessed before now, the relationship between homeschooled siblings. There is extreme love and affection, muddled with moments of annoyance and offbeat humor. There are tears of frustration, and tears from laughing so hard that you fall off the couch. There are cheers, claps, […]

Littlest Pet Shop 3-Layer Cake

My daughter loves having homemade layer cake for her birthday. Two years ago I made her a Frozen cake, but last year my oven broke just prior to her party and I had to purchase one. This year we were back to homemade, and her request was a Littlest Pet Shop theme. My daughter LOVES […]

50 Lessons I’m Learning as a Homeschooling Mom

  50 Lessons I’m learning as a Homeschooling Mom 1. FILL your house with books. I’m talking encyclopedias, fiction, non-fiction, drawing, art, poetry, picture…something for everyone. Keep these books in several different rooms in your house and where your kids can easily reach them. 2. Stock up on your art and school supplies in August […]

Peanut Butter Mini Cut-Out Cookies

My most visited page on this blog is peanut butter cut out cookies. As of this writing, it has been pinned over three thousand times. It’s no wonder, with its easily moldable dough that requires no chilling. The recipe is perfect for those who love peanut butter, yet not too strong for those who don’t. […]

Count to 10 with Cars (with free PDF)

  As many of you know, I am a school teacher turned homeschooling mom of two. During the week, you will often find me with my children at the dining room table hard at work. My daughter is six years old and loves to include her little brother in our learning opportunities. My son, although young, […]

“Frozen” Cream Cheese Cookies

                                  My grandma’s cream cheese cookies have been making an appearance at Christmas since I was a child. Perhaps it is the tradition of having them only in December, but it makes me wonder why I don’t bake these […]

On Baklava and Forts

                          If you have ever made baklava before, then you know it takes a lot of intricate steps of layering paper thin sheets of phyllo dough with melted butter and chopped nuts. Every time a layer of phyllo is placed down to butter, […]

Apple Pie Superstar

I have to admit that I don’t bake pies too often, maybe a couple times each year, tops. This year I decided to be more traditional for Thanksgiving Day desserts, and baked pecan pie, pumpkin pie cake, and this delicious apple pie superstar. It had been six years since I last baked an apple pie, […]

25 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

  Last year I kept track of every place my daughter’s Elf on the Shelf was found each morning. Some of these were inspired by other Pinterest posts; others are original. I hope you enjoy!                                         […]

Santa and the Elf in Our Christian Home

  Santa and the Elf in Our Christian Home by Michelle Lane Martin Some families struggle with the decision of incorporating Santa Claus into their Christmas celebrations. Does it take away from the glory of Jesus’ birth? Does it make kids preoccupied on getting instead of giving? Am I weakening God’s grace by distinguishing between […]