Coconut Macaroons

You can find a basic recipe for Coconut Macaroons on a bag of Baker’s Angel Flake Coconut. Surprisingly, there are not a lot of ingredients required to make these delicious cookies. I added one crunchy almond on top of each cookie to accent these chewy delicious treats   Coconut Macaroons   Print Prep time 10 […]

Chocolate Almond Fudge

One of the fudges that makes its rounds at Christmas is chocolate walnut fudge. I decided to switch things up after the holidays, and made the recipe with almonds instead of the walnuts. The resulting treat was smooth and creamy as ever, and the almonds gave it a taste reminiscent of a Hershey bar with […]

GIANT Sprinkles Sugar Cookies (for 2 people)

This recipe has been adapted from Sally’s Baking Addiction, although she calls them XXL Soft Sugar Cookies. Basically, I doubled Sally’s recipe and used light brown sugar instead of granulated sugar. I also tossed in some almond extract to accent the vanilla. These cookies were very simple and straight-forward to make. Mine turned out a […]

Evaporated Milk Layer Cake (Patriotic)

I had a small family get-together at my house for July 4th this year. The one thing I really looked forward to in the food preparation was trying out the recipe for “the best vanilla cake” by Rock Recipes. I altered the recipe slightly, using salted butter and a completely different frosting. The showstopper of […]

Double Chocolate Oreo Pudding Cookies

I have created my fair share of Oreo themed cookies in the past: fudgy cream white chocolate Oreo cookies, Mega Stuf Oreo pudding cookies, Oreo stuffed M&M cookies and cream pudding cookies, ultimate Oreo cream pudding cookies, white chip Oreo cream pudding cookies, and white chocolate Oreo surprise pudding cookies. Each cookie, although similar in […]

White Chocolate Lorna Doone Pudding Cookies

When not munching on homemade, one of my favorite store-bought cookies are Lorna Doone shortbread. Always one to experiment, I tossed four packages of them into my white chocolate pudding cookie dough batter. (I only quartered them as they continue to break up as you stir the dough). The Lorna Doones gave a great little […]

White Chocolate Strawberry Funfetti Cake Bars

  These white chocolate strawberry funfetti cake bars are an original recipe that I toyed around with last week. Using my almond squares as a springboard, I doubled the ingredients and added three things: Duncan Hines frosting creations packets (strawberry shortcake flavor), plenty of  rainbow sprinkles, and a bag of white chocolate chips. The recipe […]

Marascino Cherry Layer Cake

My daughter Julia (she is 3 & 1/2 years old) likes to occasionally surf Pinterest food pictures with me. The week before Easter, she eyed the cherry cake pin from Eat at Home. She immediately asked to make a cherry cake for Easter, and we were both very excited to see how it turned out. […]

White Chocolate Lemon Oatmeal Funfetti Pudding Cookies

Last week I posted the recipe for white chocolate lemon oatmeal pudding cookies. My husband, daughter, and I enjoyed these so much that I thought I’d try them again. This time, I added one cup of rainbow sprinkles to the batter. Turning these lemon cookies into “funfetti style” really amped up the sweetness and texture. […]

White Chocolate Lemon Oatmeal Pudding Cookies

My husband Jeff is often the springboard for my baking ideas. A few weeks ago, I asked him what he thought might go well with a lemon pudding cookie. I already knew I wanted white chocolate chips and almond extract in them, but he suggested I add rolled oats as well. At first I questioned […]