Banana Bran Muffins & Mini Loaves

Don’t you hate it when you buy fresh bananas from the store and they turn too spotty before you get a chance to eat them?  I hate throwing unused food away, so one thing I sometimes do is make banana bread. (My favorite recipe is from my mom, and you can find it here). When […]

Glazed Poppyseed Bread

I homeschool our daughter, and this winter we worked on a Christmas Around the World project for social studies. We came across this recipe for poppyseed bread while studying Hungary. This version is a quick bread and is reminiscent of a homemade yellow cake with added poppyseeds. After baking the bread, a sweet sugar syrup […]

French Toast (Robert Irvine recipe)

  Last Sunday after church, my husband asked for French toast for lunch. The last time I made French toast for him, we were newly married and he was not too thrilled with my method. (Whisk a few eggs in a casserole dish, along with a lot of milk and a dash of vanilla. Soak […]

Monterey Jack Jalepeno Cheese Bread

Monterey Jack Jalepeno Cheese Bread This is the dough before it rises the second time. The dough has risen for two hours. a golden loaf of bread after baking for 40 minutes thick, spicy slices of bread as a side or for sandwiches This Monetery Jack Jalepeno cheese bread is the perfect accompaniment to a […]

Amish White Bread

Amish White Bread allowing the yeast to rise in a greased bowl right before baking cooling on a wire rack a view from the top Before my husband bought me my stand mixer, I tried this recipe for a simple white bread. (You can find it on It is very simple to make and […]

My Favorite Banana Bread Recipe

Banana Bread      In honor of National Banana Bread Day, I am once again posting my favorite banana bread recipe. It shows its face at every important holiday and is loved by all ages. It can be eaten plain, warm, with or with out butter. Over the years I have tried several different recipes, […]

Banana Bread

Banana Bread      In honor of Thanksgiving this coming week, I am posting one of the first recipes I ever made. It is for my mom’s banana bread, and it dates back to when she was taking home economics during the 1960’s. My mom’s banana bread makes an appearance at every major holiday and […]

Cinnamon Bread

     One of the first recipes my mom taught me how to make was her homemade cinnamon bread. She first baked it when she was a teenager in home-economics class. Her method is unlike most cinnamon bread recipes, as it is baked in a square or round pan and has no yeast. This makes […]

Blueberry Bread

My mom has four blueberry bushes in her yard, and every summer she is inundated with the sweet blue fruit. Each year we pick at least 20 quarts, most of which get frozen or given away to friends and family. The only conundrum we have with this excess of blueberries is what to bake with […]