Brown Sugar Heath Fudge

I had a baking “emergency” a few days ago. Whilst in the process of making several varieties of fudge, I realized I had no granulated sugar left in the house. (Pretty bad for a food blogger, right)?! Instead of giving up on my fourth and last batch of fudge, I tweaked my recipe and used […]

Brittle Bits Pudding Cookies

Brittle Bits Cookies Several weeks ago my husband and I were discussing new “inventions” for cookies we could make. He wanted something with a crispy texture inside and a bit of crunch to it. After a few days of discussion, I thought back to one of my earliest blog posts for White Chip Peanut Brittle. Using […]

White Chip Peanut Brittle

     Just hearing the word “peanut brittle” can send shivers down the spine of cooks who fear candy thermometers.  Well, I have good news: you don’t need one for this recipe! It is all done in the microwave, and it still turns out fantastic. What makes this recipe awesome to me is not just […]