Brownie Pie

This recipe came about during a heavy snowstorm we are receiving today. My daughter was experiencing some cabin fever, so I thought that baking something might take her mind off things. She asked to make a chocolate pie, but she didn’t want a pudding or a custard pie. After searching Pinterest for a while, I […]

2 ingredients Pumpkin Brownies

  This recipe for two ingredient pumpkin brownies has been floating around the internet for a while. Last Autumn I jumped the shark and finally made them. All one needs for the recipe is a standard box of brownie mix and a small can of pure pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix). I used a 9×9 […]

Hershey Lover’s Brownies

For Easter this year, I decided to make one of my daughter’s very favorite desserts, the I Love Hershey Kisses Brownies that I developed back in 2011. The brownies live up to their name; they are loaded with Hershey chocolate, from the cocoa powder to the kisses (which make an appearance in both the brownie […]

Brownie Topped White Chocolate Pudding Chip Cookie Bars

The base layer of white chocolate chip cookie dough pouring the brownie batter over the cookie dough spreading the brownie batter to all sides of the pan The bars are done when a toothpick inserted near the center comes out clean. Two layers of extreme deliciousness A while back, I tried something new with my […]

Pecan Pie Topped Brownies

These Pecan Pie Topped Brownies (adapted from Half Baked Harvest) were a featured dessert at last year’s Thanksgiving dinner. They had a lot of mixed reviews; people either loved them or were just copacetic with them. Personally, I prefer pecan pie, but these are an excellent option for your chocaholic guest. Pecan Pie Topped Brownies […]

White Chocolate Reese Cup Topped Brownies

This past Labor Day, I was in charge of making the desserts for my mom’s barbecue lunch. First I made mandarin orange cake with pineapple fluffy frosting.  To go along with that light desert, I decided to make something on the richer side. Since everyone in my family loves chocolate, I used one of my […]

Awesome Autumn Desserts

It’s that time of the year again. My kitchen is full of my favorite autumn themed foods. There are apples, pumpkins, maple syrup, candy corn, candy corn M&M’s…The smells are as enticing as the tastes themselves. Here is a rundown of my favorite autumn themed desserts. Yum! Marie-Helenes Apple Cake Pumpkin White Chocolate Bars Pumpkin […]

M&M Blanketed Brownies

    I call these brownies “M&M Blanketed” because the entire top  is covered completely by miniature M&M’s.  They are richly chocolatey, but not overly-so.  There is no need to frost this recipe because the M&M’s blanket the whole top anyway.  Easy to prepare, you only need a medium saucepan to stir everything together in. […]

M&M Cookie Dough Brownies

I was so incredibly pleased with my cookie dough truffle brownies, that I decided to expand upon my original idea. I added a heaping cup of miniature M&M’s to the cookie dough topping. The chocolate candies gave a pleasant crunch to the dessert as well as extra sweetness. The brownies were just as moist and […]

Cookie Dough Truffle Brownies

the brownie batter 25 minutes in the oven keeps the brownies baked but extremely moist the cookie dough truffle batter The cookie dough truffle batter has been patted on top of the brownie base. Look at those moist brownies on the bottom!         One of my favorite recipes is for Paula Deen’s cookie dough truffles. […]