Banana Bran Muffins & Mini Loaves

Don’t you hate it when you buy fresh bananas from the store and they turn too spotty before you get a chance to eat them?  I hate throwing unused food away, so one thing I sometimes do is make banana bread. (My favorite recipe is from my mom, and you can find it here). When […]

Lucky Charms Pudding Cookies

We don’t generally eat sugary cereal in our house, but we do buy an occasional box of Lucky Charms. My husband ate a few bowls of it for breakfast over his Easter break from teaching. My daughter had two small bowls of it herself. (Believe it or not, she actually prefers wheat bran to the […]

White Chocolate Honey Nut Chex Reese’s Puffs Gorp

White Chocolate Honey Nut Chex Reese’s Puffs Gorp The other day, my mom gave me a bag of the Honey Nut Chex Mix. Rather than just eat it plain, I coated it with a bag of melted white chocolate chips. Toss in some Reese’s Puffs for peanut butter and milk chocolate flavor, and you’ve got […]

White Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats

     So what does one do with a craving for white chocolate and Rice Krispie treats? She makes White Chocolate Rice Krispie treats! I took the classic Rice Krispie treats recipe and simply added one cup of Ghirardelli white chocolate chips. I always have marshmallow creme in my cupboard from all of the fudge […]

Reese’s Puffs Pudding Cookies

Reese’s Puffs Cookies      Have you ever tried the Reese’s Puffs cereal? My husband likes to get a box every once in a while, so it’s not a staple in our home but an occasional treat. Since they taste great plain, I wondered how they would behave in a cookie. I added several cups […]