We homeschool our daughter, and for social studies last month we focused on Christmas Around the World. For every country we studied, we made an accompanying craft or food item. Kugel made its appearance when we learned about Israel and what Christians and Jewish people eat there during the holidays. Originally I was going to […]

(Lightened Up) Chicken Sausage Alfredo Bake

Pasta bakes are one of my husband’s favorite dishes. I threw this one together using whatever “healthy” options I had available in my refrigerator and pantry. The “healthy” portions it consists of are: whole wheat pasta, al fresco chicken sausage, and light alfredo sauce. Six cheese Italian blend rounds out the dish, topped with grated […]

Secret Ingredients Baked Macaroni & Cheese

  The secret to this awesome macaroni and cheese is buttermilk pancake mix and cream of chicken soup. Add two different cheeses (technically eight if you include the six in the Italian blend), and you have a cheese lover’s dream.   Secret Ingredients Baked Macaroni & Cheese   Print Prep time 30 mins Cook time […]

Cookie-Cutter Swiss Cheese Poppy Seed Crackers

Ever since my daughter and I made cookie-cutter cheese crackers, we have had a fun time varying the recipe. Her favorite part is using miniature cookie cutters to shape them, and I enjoy experimenting with different kinds of cheeses and add-ins. For this batch, we used Swiss cheese, a very small amount of granulated sugar, […]

Chicken Divan

        Growing up, chicken divan was one of my all-time favorite recipes that my mom made. I knew when I walked in the door from school and smelled that glorious chicken roasting in the oven that I was going to have one of two treasured meals: chicken and biscuits or chicken divan. I remember vying […]

Sun Dried Tomato Tortellini Soup

I first saw the recipe for tomato tortellini soup on Six Sisters’ Stuff. I knew right away that it was a recipe to attempt, and I have made it twice since. The Sisters’ recipe has been adapted here in the following ways: using 12 ounces of Barilla three cheese tortellini instead of 9 ounce, adding […]

Rotini Broccoli Alfredo

Ever wondered what to do with leftover half and half in your fridge? I had a whole pint sitting in the chiller, remnants from a soup that I had previouslymade. The carton had a recipe for alfredo on it, which I adapted by using parmesan and romano blend cheese and steamfresh broccoli. This was a […]

Cookie-Cutter Cheese Crackers

        My daughter and I had a lot of fun making these cookie cutter cheese crackers. They a healthy snack for toddlers and a delight to the adult tongue as well. You can make these crackers as thin or as thick as you like; just remember that the thinner ones will take several less minutes […]

Baked Macaroni & Cheese w/ Angus Hotdogs

One of my husband’s favorite dishes is macaroni and cheese. After Jeff and I got married, the first meal I ever cooked for him was Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese. (As a bachelor, he basically survived on that and Frosted Mini Wheats). Jeff would have been happy had I continued cooking his dinner from a box. […]

Cherry Chocolate Cream Cheese Pudding Cookies

A few days ago, I shared with you my recipe for cherry vanilla chocolate chip pudding cookies. This version adds a burst of richness, because I used cream cheese in place of half of the butter. (I doubled the batch so I wouldn’t have half a block of cream cheese in the fridge).  These pudding […]