Mint Oreo Fudge with Kraft Chocolate Marshmallow Bits

Every couple of weeks, I like to send my husband (the mathematics teacher) to school with a treat for his students as a reward for good behavior. I often end up making Oreo fudge, as that seems to be their favorite. This time I mixed things up a bit by making it not only mint […]

Fudge Oatmeal Reese Peanut Butter Chip Pudding Cookies

Have you ever eaten no bake chocolate oatmeal drop cookies? This recipe I came up with is reminiscent of those, but in pudding chip cookie form. They have the fudgy base, chewy oats, and lots of peanut butter flavor from the Reese chips. These cookies were a hit with my four year old daughter, and […]

Holiday Mint M&M Fudge Pudding Cookies

Just in time for Christmas, I have a new pudding chip cookie recipe for you. This one is made with instant chocolate fudge pudding mix and a bag of the new holiday mint M&M’s. The candies are the perfect addition to these fudgy, cakey, delicious chocolate cookies. Holiday Mint M&M Fudge Pudding Cookies   Print […]

Pumpkin Poke Cake w/ Heath Bits

If you are a fan of pumpkin, then I suggest trying out this pumpkin poke cake with Heath Bits topping. You may have seen a similar recipe floating around the food blogs (i.e., Something Swanky), but this one is a bit different because I use a large can of pumpkin, my own recipe for pumpkin […]

Pecan Pie Topped Brownies

These Pecan Pie Topped Brownies (adapted from Half Baked Harvest) were a featured dessert at last year’s Thanksgiving dinner. They had a lot of mixed reviews; people either loved them or were just copacetic with them. Personally, I prefer pecan pie, but these are an excellent option for your chocaholic guest. Pecan Pie Topped Brownies […]

Mint Truffle Kiss Pudding Cookies

On a shopping excursion a few days ago, my four year old daughter spotted a bag of Hershey Mint Truffle Kisses. She couldn’t wait to taste them, while I couldn’t wait to experiment with them. Using my mom’s pudding chip cookies as inspiration, I turned them into little Kiss cookies. All it took to transform […]

RAISINETS Oatmeal Pudding Cookies

I don’t know if it is a Western New York thing, but I don’t often see Raisinets in the candy aisles here. So when I spotted a huge bag on clearance after Halloween, I immediately purchased them. Originally, my intent was to have them as a snack for my family. Then my wheels got to […]

Snickers Pudding Cookies

Anyone here like Snickers bars? I thought so. After Halloween, my daughter and I picked up a variety bag of candy bars at a deep discount. Rather than eat the Snickers bars plain, we decided to make pudding cookies with them. We used instant chocolate fudge pudding mix and chopped up fourteen fun sized bars […]

Peanut M&M Rocky Road Pudding Cookies

          If you are like me, then you have plenty of leftover Halloween candy to spare. While perusing my wordpress draft file, I came across these peanut M&M rocky road pudding cookies. (I actually made these this past January, but haven’t gotten around to posting until today). Now is the perfect time to publish this […]

Spooky Halloween Oreo Pudding Cookies

One of the things I love about Autumn are the variety of specialty snacks and baking goods that appear. On my last trip to Target, I couldn’t resist purchasing the orange creme centered Halloween Oreos and the Nestle Toll House semi-sweet chocolate and orange colored morsels. So what to do with these delicious and eye-pleasing […]