Cauliflower Macaroni & Cheese

Last week my mom put together a delicious ham dinner for New Year’s Day. Always a gracious host, she sent us home with lots of leftover ham, our favorite rosa maria fruit salad, and plenty of vegetables. This included a huge head of cauliflower that was not cut into. So what is a small family […]

Cookie-Cutter Swiss Cheese Poppy Seed Crackers

Ever since my daughter and I made cookie-cutter cheese crackers, we have had a fun time varying the recipe. Her favorite part is using miniature cookie cutters to shape them, and I enjoy experimenting with different kinds of cheeses and add-ins. For this batch, we used Swiss cheese, a very small amount of granulated sugar, […]

Cookie-Cutter Cheese Crackers

        My daughter and I had a lot of fun making these cookie cutter cheese crackers. They a healthy snack for toddlers and a delight to the adult tongue as well. You can make these crackers as thin or as thick as you like; just remember that the thinner ones will take several less minutes […]