Two Oat White Chocolate Date Cookies

                                        Double Oat White Chocolate Date Cookies   If you are a frequent reader of my blog, then you know I love to experiment with pudding chip cookie recipes. On this occasion,  I used all dark brown sugar as sweetener and two different kinds of oats. The rolled oats give a chewy texture, while the […]

Coconut Oil Date with White Chocolate Pudding Cookies

First of all, I would like to apologize to my readers for my lack of posts in the past month. We have been very busy here in our household with our two beautiful children. The youngest, now five months old, is becoming quite the little ball of endless energy. Our oldest, almost five years old, […]

Giant Date Oatmeal Cookie (for 1 or 2)

Sometimes I feel like making a large batch of cookies. and other times I am constrained by the clock and can only squeeze in enough minutes to make a small batch. This recipe is for those occasions where you may have less than enough time in your busy day. In under 8 minutes, you can […]

White Chocolate Date Oat Flax Pudding Cookies

Flax seed has many nutritional benefits, but it also is a great addition to baked goods. I developed this recipe a couple of years ago on a whim, and have made it several times since. I love that besides making these cookies delicious and chewy, the flax seeds, rolled oats, and dates add fiber and […]

Crispy Oatmeal Date Cookies

mounds of cookie dough before baking These cookies spread out quite a bit; Make sure you leave at least two inches space between each mound.           One of my husband’s favorite kinds of cookies are oatmeal. I often make him pudding cookies with rolled oats, but occasionally he is in the mood for something crunchier. […]

Awesome Autumn Desserts

It’s that time of the year again. My kitchen is full of my favorite autumn themed foods. There are apples, pumpkins, maple syrup, candy corn, candy corn M&M’s…The smells are as enticing as the tastes themselves. Here is a rundown of my favorite autumn themed desserts. Yum! Marie-Helenes Apple Cake Pumpkin White Chocolate Bars Pumpkin […]

Sunshine Breakfast Pudding Cookies

I made up these cookies last week, and they are just full of unique and delicious ingredients. Instant white chocolate pudding mix makes them extra soft. Orange flavored Duncan Hines frosting creations packets give a pleasant citrus boost. Rolled oats and chopped dates add some pleasant body and texture. Plenty of creamy white chocolate chips […]

White Chocolate Date Balls (No Bake)

White Chocolate Date Balls side-view One of my husband’s favorite cookies are date balls, and I make them several times a year during the holidays and just for the fun of it. One day I decided to give them a twist, and I added white chocolate chips in place of some of the Rice Krispies and […]

Crispy Salted Date Oatmeal Cookies

Here I have another variation on crispy date oatmeal cookies for you. Besides some minor measurement differences in sugar, butter, and flour, this recipe has twice as many rolled oats and is topped with sea salt before before baked. Crispy Salted Date Oatmeal Cookies   Print Prep time 20 mins Cook time 13 mins Total […]

Penuche White Chocolate Date Cookies

  Penuche White Chocolate Date Cookies       I have always thought that brown sugar and dates go together very well. I also believe that dates and white chocolate make a nice pair. Put the three together in a cookie, and you have a wonderfully rich, texturally complex, perfectly complimented treat. measuring out the […]