Daphne Oz’s Reduced Guilt Triple Lemon Bars

I pinned this recipe for Daphne Oz’s reduced guilt triple lemon bars almost a year ago. Since then, I always wanted to make them, but had never used coconut oil in my baking before. Alas I took the plunge and bought a jar online, and have had fun experimenting with the ingredient since. The first […]

Lemon Mandarin Orange Cake w/ Fluffy Pineapple Frosting

Several months ago I made a mandarin orange cake with pineapple fluffy frosting. It was such a hit with everyone, I wanted to try it with a different flavor of cake mix. This time around I chose lemon, and it was the perfect backdrop to the mandarin oranges. Super citrusy, light but incredibly delicious, you […]

Lemon Crinkle Sugared Cookies

Most of the time when I make cookies, I prepare them with instant pudding mix and/or oatmeal. Occasionally I go the peanut butter route, but it is a rare day when I make something lemony. These lemon crinkle sugared cookies turned out perfect for my husband: they are not overly sweet, they have the perfect […]

Citrus Poppy Seed Biscotti

I have always wanted to attempt making biscotti, but never got around to it. Last month I finally gave it a try on a chilly afternoon. This twice-baked cookie was just the thing to bring some extra warmth to the house. It went down perfectly with a hot cup of tea. These cookies turn out […]

White Chocolate Lemon Oatmeal Funfetti Pudding Cookies

Last week I posted the recipe for white chocolate lemon oatmeal pudding cookies. My husband, daughter, and I enjoyed these so much that I thought I’d try them again. This time, I added one cup of rainbow sprinkles to the batter. Turning these lemon cookies into “funfetti style” really amped up the sweetness and texture. […]

White Chocolate Lemon Oatmeal Pudding Cookies

My husband Jeff is often the springboard for my baking ideas. A few weeks ago, I asked him what he thought might go well with a lemon pudding cookie. I already knew I wanted white chocolate chips and almond extract in them, but he suggested I add rolled oats as well. At first I questioned […]

White Chocolate Lemon Pudding Cookies

White Chocolate Lemon Cookies      One thing I like about the warm weather coming is drinking a nice tall refreshing glass of lemonade. I was thinking about this the other day when I was developing a new cookie. I added a package of instant lemon pudding to my dough and a bag of white […]