Extra Pudding Oreo Chip Cookies

If you are a reader of my blog, then you know I am crazy for pudding chip cookies. This recipe is basically half of my regular recipe but with the normal amount of pudding mix. That means there is TWICE the pudding in these cookies as usual. These result in extremely fluffy and extra soft […]

Winter Oreo Fudge

If you have been reading my blog for a while, then you know that I love to come up with new and unique fudge recipes. This batch is a play on my favorite Oreo fudge. I made this homemade candy festive by incorporating Winter Oreos with red filling and some red food coloring to the […]

Spooky Halloween Oreo Pudding Cookies

One of the things I love about Autumn are the variety of specialty snacks and baking goods that appear. On my last trip to Target, I couldn’t resist purchasing the orange creme centered Halloween Oreos and the Nestle Toll House semi-sweet chocolate and orange colored morsels. So what to do with these delicious and eye-pleasing […]

Oreo Pudding Poke Cake (for a small family)

The batter should be yellow, thick, and fluffy. The cake is done when a toothpick tested near the center comes out clean and when the top springs back when touched lightly with your finger. The pudding will set as it is chilled in the fridge,making a unique frosting. Do you enjoy poke cakes? My husband […]

Double Chocolate Oreo Pudding Cookies

I have created my fair share of Oreo themed cookies in the past: fudgy cream white chocolate Oreo cookies, Mega Stuf Oreo pudding cookies, Oreo stuffed M&M cookies and cream pudding cookies, ultimate Oreo cream pudding cookies, white chip Oreo cream pudding cookies, and white chocolate Oreo surprise pudding cookies. Each cookie, although similar in […]

Mint Chocolate Mint Oreo Fudge

I have made several types of Oreo fudge in the past: cookies & cream fudge,  cotton candy birthday cake Oreo fudge,  double mint Oreo fudge,  mint Oreo fudge,  neopolitan Oreo fudge,  Oreo birthday cake fudge, and my original Oreo fudge. Now to add to this fabulous collection of Oreo fudges, I have for you this […]

Double Mint Oreo Fudge

       Over two years ago I posted a recipe for mint oreo fudge. It has always been a favorite of mine, and I discovered a method to make it taste even better. Instead of regular Oreo cookies, I used mint Oreo cookies. One might not believe that the new Oreos make a substantial difference, but […]

Ultimate Oreo Cream Pudding Cookies

    I call these pudding cookies “Ultimate Oreo” because they are loaded with hints of our favorite Nabisco cookie. They have Oreo cookies and cream pudding mix, vanilla and almond extracts, chopped Oreos, and two kinds of chocolate chips (milk and white). Just one bite gives you that ultimate Oreo experience, in a cookie made […]

Mega Stuf Oreo Pudding Cookies

Have you seen the new limited edition Oreos out? They are Mega Stuf Oreos, (as in mega filling for those lovers of sweet sugary Oreo centers). The package only sat in my pantry for two days before I decided to bake with them. I made my favorite pudding chip cookie recipe, doubling all ingredients. Chocolate […]

Bordeaux Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

Bordeaux Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream Cake Here is the layer of fudge topping poured over the brownie base. Chopped Oreos cover the semi-frozen hot fudge sauce.   a picture of the Blue Bunny ice cream I used for the cake   Four layers of heaven: brownie base, hot fudge center, chopped Oreos, cherry ice cream […]