(Gluten Free) Crunchy Salted Peanut Butter Cookies

It is very likely that you have seen a version of this peanut butter cookie recipe floating around the internet. (Perhaps you have already made or tasted them yourself)! The original recipe is made up of three ingredients: peanut butter, sugar, and eggs. I changed it up in five ways: I used crunchy peanut butter […]

Snickers Pudding Cookies

Anyone here like Snickers bars? I thought so. After Halloween, my daughter and I picked up a variety bag of candy bars at a deep discount. Rather than eat the Snickers bars plain, we decided to make pudding cookies with them. We used instant chocolate fudge pudding mix and chopped up fourteen fun sized bars […]

Peanut M&M Rocky Road Pudding Cookies

          If you are like me, then you have plenty of leftover Halloween candy to spare. While perusing my wordpress draft file, I came across these peanut M&M rocky road pudding cookies. (I actually made these this past January, but haven’t gotten around to posting until today). Now is the perfect time to publish this […]

ULTIMATE Payday Bars

Of all the sweets and treats I have made this year, payday bars have frequented our kitchen more than any other. When I make a batch, I usually send half of it to my mom and dad’s house (one batch makes plenty). Because I have made these bars over half a dozen times, I have […]

White Chocolate Oreo Gorp

White Chocolate Oreo Gorp      I have to admit, I have been somewhat obsessed with making gorp lately. First there was white chocolate gorp with Reese’s Pieces and candy corn. Then there was white chocolate valentine gorp with conversation hearts and pink M & M’s. My newest includes my favorite “comes in a package” cookie: Oreos.      […]

White Chocolate Coconut Caramels

     Christmas time means a lot of candy-making in my house. There is an overwhelming variety of treats one can make this time of year, and it can be hard to choose just which one. I love caramel, but I am not a huge fan of candy thermometers. I like this recipe because it […]

White Chip Peanut Brittle

     Just hearing the word “peanut brittle” can send shivers down the spine of cooks who fear candy thermometers.  Well, I have good news: you don’t need one for this recipe! It is all done in the microwave, and it still turns out fantastic. What makes this recipe awesome to me is not just […]