Patriotic Pretzel Snaps

Patriotic Pretzel Snaps   Print Prep time 25 mins Cook time 2 mins Total time 27 mins   Serves: 8 Ingredients 1 (1 lb.) bag butter snap pretzels 1 (8 oz.) bag white chocolate wafers 1 small jar red, white, and blue sprinkles Instructions Empty the bag of pretzels into a large bowl. Set aside. […]

White Fudge Dipped Pretzel Pudding Cookies

Have you seen the new Keebler White Fudge Dipped Pretzels? They come in a box of six 100 calorie packs and are SO GOOD…(I personally think they should come in 200 or 300 calorie packs because at least then I feel less guilty about opening up more than one bag). Anyway, before I ended up […]

Chocolate PB Chip Pretzel Pudding Cookies

Chocolate PB Chip Pretzel Cookies      As I was perusing my kitchen cupboards the other day, I took note of a few ingredients which had not come out of the woodwork in a while. I had a bag of peanut butter chips, a small box of instant chocolate pudding, and a few small bags […]

White Chocolate Oreo Gorp

White Chocolate Oreo Gorp      I have to admit, I have been somewhat obsessed with making gorp lately. First there was white chocolate gorp with Reese’s Pieces and candy corn. Then there was white chocolate valentine gorp with conversation hearts and pink M & M’s. My newest includes my favorite “comes in a package” cookie: Oreos.      […]

White Chocolate Halloween Gorp

White Chocolate Gorp      Some people call it gorp, some call it white trash, some even call it candy crack…Whatever you call it, two things are for sure: it is deliciously addictive and VERY easy to make.      All you need to make Gorp are some white chocolate wafers and add-ins. I chose pretzels, […]

White Chocolate Christmas Pretzels

     Who doesn’t love a good chocolate covered pretzel? Sure, you can buy them in the store for a few dollars a bag…or you can make them homemade and get a lot of bang for your buck. I was able to make 13 dozen  pretzels for just $9. (And they taste better than the […]