2 ingredients Pumpkin Brownies

  This recipe for two ingredient pumpkin brownies has been floating around the internet for a while. Last Autumn I jumped the shark and finally made them. All one needs for the recipe is a standard box of brownie mix and a small can of pure pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix). I used a 9×9 […]

Pumpkin Poke Cake w/ Heath Bits

If you are a fan of pumpkin, then I suggest trying out this pumpkin poke cake with Heath Bits topping. You may have seen a similar recipe floating around the food blogs (i.e., Something Swanky), but this one is a bit different because I use a large can of pumpkin, my own recipe for pumpkin […]

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

My husband and I LOVE roasting pumpkin seeds. It may take some time separating out the seeds from flesh, but is so totally worth it with this recipe! After a lot of experimentation over the years, I have figured out how to make the tastiest, crunchiest, yummiest pumpkins seeds yet. There are four key “tricks” […]

Awesome Autumn Desserts

It’s that time of the year again. My kitchen is full of my favorite autumn themed foods. There are apples, pumpkins, maple syrup, candy corn, candy corn M&M’s…The smells are as enticing as the tastes themselves. Here is a rundown of my favorite autumn themed desserts. Yum! Marie-Helenes Apple Cake Pumpkin White Chocolate Bars Pumpkin […]

Christmas Iced Pumpkin Cookies

Christmas Iced Pumpkin Cookies Iced pumpkin cookies are one of my all-time favorites. I have made them every Christmas since I was a young teenager. This year I did something a little different and colored the frosting red. The cookies tasted just as delicious and soft as always; they just looked a bit more festive. […]

Cinnamon Roll Vanilla Pumpkin Sheet Cake

When I saw the recipe for cinnamon roll vanilla pumpkin sheet cake on Picky-Palate, I just knew I had to try it. The cake recipe itself is actually quite straight forward, and only took about 20 minutes of preparation to make. I brought it over to my mom’s house to have for dessert during a big […]

White Chocolate Chip Candy Corn Frosted Pumpkin Cookies

White Chocolate Chip Candy Corn Frosted Pumpkin Cookies One of my favorite cookies to make when the weather cools down are my iced pumpkin cookies. This year I decided to try a different recipe I found online called white chocolate pumpkin cookies. The cookies themselves are extremely similar, but the addition of the white chocolate […]

White Chocolate Candy Corn M&M Pumpkin Spice Pudding Cookies

White Chocolate Candy Corn M&M Pumpkin Spice Cookies The pumpkin spice pudding mix replaced of some of the white sugar in a recipe. white chocolate candy corn M&M’s One of the things I love about this time of year is all of the seasonal candies that come out. How often can you go to the […]

Pumpkin Chiffon Cake

     I came across this recipe for Pumpkin Chiffon Cake in the November issue of Rachael Ray magazine. It was in the “Living Light” section because 1/12th of the cake is only 140 calories and it contains almost no fat. Initially, I was planning on making it for Thanksgiving. I opted instead to make […]

Iced Pumpkin Cookies

Iced pumpkin cookies      Every Christmas, the one cookie I look forward to making the most is my iced pumpkin cookies. This will make the tenth season in a row for baking them, and it is no wonder that I go back to this recipe year after year.      These cookies are soft […]