Mint Chocolate Fudge M&M Oatmeal Pudding Cookies

Mint Chocolate Fudge M&M Oatmeal Pudding Cookies are an original creation. I developed them for my husband to give his mathematics students during their state tests. There are two unique ingredients inside the dough: pure mint extract and a mint chocolate frosting creations packet. (Some studies have shown that mint can help students focus and […]

Cotton Candy Birthday Cake Oreo Fudge

       It has been months since they came out, but I am still having fun experimenting with the new Duncan Hines frosting creations packets. This time, I used the cotton candy flavor in my favorite oreo fudge recipe. Instead of regular Oreos, I used the special edition Birthday Cake Oreos. I also added frozen rainbow […]

Birthday Cake M&M Oatmeal Pudding Cookies

Birthday Cake M&M Oatmeal Pudding Cookies Isn’t it funny how switching up just one or two ingredients in a recipe can give you a totally different result? I added rolled oats to my birthday cake M&M pudding cookies, and ended up with soft yet chewy delicious treats. The crunch from the M&M’s and the chewiness […]

Birthday Cake M&M Pudding Cookies

Continuing with last week’s birthday cake theme, I have birthday cake pudding cookies for you. This time, instead of sprinkles, they are filled with colorfully delicious miniature M&M candies. Birthday Cake M&M Pudding Cookies   Print Prep time 20 mins Cook time 11 mins Total time 31 mins   Serves: 22 Ingredients 1 cup butter, […]

Birthday Cake White Chocolate Pudding Cookies

Birthday Cake White Chocolate Pudding Cookies Each cookie has two scoops, one on top of the other, leaving a higher cookie with a cakey center. To continue the sprinkle theme this week, I have a recipe for some sweet and festive white chocolate pudding cookies. These are special in the fact that I added one […]

White Chocolate Funfetti Cake

White Chocolate Funfetti Cake      This white chocolate funfetti cake branches off from my white chocolate brownies recipe. I kept most of the ingredients the same, except for a few minor adjustments that allowed the final product to rise more. My original plan was to make just a white chocolate cake, until I saw my […]

Frozen Yogurt Drops

Frozen Yogurt Drops We used Yoplait Trix Yogurt, cotton candy flavor. Simply put the contents of the yogurt carton in a sandwich bag and snip a tiny bit off one corner. This is one carton’s worth of yogurt in tiny mounds, spaced apart on the aluminum lined pizza pan. These are my daughter’s hands carefully […]

Oreo Birthday Cake Fudge

Oreo Birthday Cake Fudge a colorful tower of fudge 🙂       Every few weeks or so, I like to make fudge for my husband to take into school with him. Jeff is a math teacher and finds that it makes for nice positive reinforcement in his classroom. (And as much as I love fudge, I […]

Pizza Pasta Bake

Are you ever in the process of making dinner when you realize you are missing a crucial ingredient? This happened to me a few weeks ago when I was planning on making a pasta bake with grilled chicken. I realized a bit too late that the only kind of meat I had available in the […]

Top 10 Recipes of 2012

1. Rainbow Chip White Chocolate Cookies 2. Lofthouse Sugar Cookie Cake 3. Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookie Cake 4. White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies 5. Rootbeer White Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies 6. Cotton Candy Celebration Fudge 7. Butterfinger Poke Cake w/ Cool Whip Frosting 8. White Chocolate Holiday Morsel Pudding Cookies 9. Date Balls 10. Brown […]