White Chocolate Sprinkle Hearts

My four year old daughter is very excited about Valentine’s Day this year. A few days ago she spotted my Wilton silicon heart mold tray in the cupboard. Since then, she has been asking to make Valentine treats with it. Two years ago, I used star silicon molds to make patriotic white chocolate M&M stars […]

Chocolate Valentine Pudding Cookies

Did you happen to see the Nestle Valentine chips that were out this month? They were a mixture of half dark chocolate and half red vanilla chips. My mom gave me a bag a few days after Valentine’s Day, but that didn’t stop me from experimenting with them. I took my mom’s pudding chip cookie […]

Valentine’s M&M Cookies

Valentine’s M&M Cookies I used a 3 Tablespoon capacity cookie scoop to measure out the dough. a tower of Valentine sweets We don’t allow our two year old daughter many sweets, but she is allowed to pick a special snack before going to bed. Oftentimes this is a small handful of M&M’s. Back in January […]