Two Oat White Chocolate Date Cookies

                                        Double Oat White Chocolate Date Cookies   If you are a frequent reader of my blog, then you know I love to experiment with pudding chip cookie recipes. On this occasion,  I used all dark brown sugar as sweetener and two different kinds of oats. The rolled oats give a chewy texture, while the […]

Banana Bran Muffins & Mini Loaves

Don’t you hate it when you buy fresh bananas from the store and they turn too spotty before you get a chance to eat them?  I hate throwing unused food away, so one thing I sometimes do is make banana bread. (My favorite recipe is from my mom, and you can find it here). When […]

Extra Pudding Oreo Chip Cookies

If you are a reader of my blog, then you know I am crazy for pudding chip cookies. This recipe is basically half of my regular recipe but with the normal amount of pudding mix. That means there is TWICE the pudding in these cookies as usual. These result in extremely fluffy and extra soft […]

Crab Cakes

Crab cakes are one of those recipes I have always wanted to try but was afraid to. I found this one on Taste of Home online and modified it slightly to make it healthier. They were much simpler to make than I originally thought, and my husband thoroughly enjoyed them. Crab Cakes   Print Prep […]

Recipe to Make Your Child a Better Reader

I have a very important recipe to share with you today, probably the most important one I have and ever will share with you. There are only seven simple ingredients and seven easy steps. The benefits last a lifetime. You can “chew” on the result but it is not food. Have I piqued your interest […]

Glazed Poppyseed Bread

I homeschool our daughter, and this winter we worked on a Christmas Around the World project for social studies. We came across this recipe for poppyseed bread while studying Hungary. This version is a quick bread and is reminiscent of a homemade yellow cake with added poppyseeds. After baking the bread, a sweet sugar syrup […]


We homeschool our daughter, and for social studies last month we focused on Christmas Around the World. For every country we studied, we made an accompanying craft or food item. Kugel made its appearance when we learned about Israel and what Christians and Jewish people eat there during the holidays. Originally I was going to […]

Black Elderberry Tincture

I am grateful that I have what one would consider a healthy family. My five year old daughter rarely gets sick, and my baby boy was seven months old when he got his first cold. My husband, a school teacher, comes down ill just a couple times a year, and I join the club with […]

Brownie Pie

This recipe came about during a heavy snowstorm we are receiving today. My daughter was experiencing some cabin fever, so I thought that baking something might take her mind off things. She asked to make a chocolate pie, but she didn’t want a pudding or a custard pie. After searching Pinterest for a while, I […]

Michelle’s (from scratch) Sweet Potato Casserole

My sister moved down south many years ago, and one of her specialties is her sweet potato casserole. Always a family hit at the holidays, I decided to try my hand at her recipe two years ago. Unfortunately, she forgot to write down in her directions to drain the canned sweet potatoes. The result was […]